Thirty​-​Six Hours

by The Honkers

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released August 8, 2010



Track Name: 12 Hours
Armaggedon is coming
under my feet.

I think about
the anger & fury
of this world.

Smashing our dreams,
destroying my plans.

Alone with the moon
i´ll be soon...

Thinking about the stranger girl
and our foreign love.

She´s living a half day in the future.
12 hours before me.
12 hours from my head.

what happened when her sun was born?
Track Name: 24 Hours From Your Heart
24 hours from your heart
your heart
I´m travelin´.

I´m Driving, i´m rollin´
and i only see the road
the hot road to your heart.

It´s a long way back home
I look to the stars
they say to me
"you are living one day
you´re living one day from her heart".